Wednesday, July 12, 2006

G-d in heaven!! what do you want from us???

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(relying on the muqata for accuracy and in-depth analysis)

The Defense Ministry confirmed early Wednesday afternoon that two soldiers had been kidnapped by Hizbullah after an attack. IDF ground troops had been sent into Lebanon to search for the two. IAF jets, helicopters and UAVs were also flying above Lebanon searching for the soldiers.

Hizbullah's Al Manar TV broadcast earlier Wednesday that the organization had kidnapped the two soldiers. A senior Hizbullah official said that at least one of the allegedly kidnapped soldiers was still alive.

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socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Oysh again?

Nemo said...

It seems that the bastards came up with a new attack system. Street terror is failing and a live Israeli soldier is the obvious choice for an insurance policy.

Yemach Shemam.

anonym00kie said...

so tragic..
but i think there is plenty hashem wants from us .. and we dont measure up - not that i blame anyone for whats happening, but we really all could be doing a little more..
i know i could :(
thanks for the reminder..

the sabra said...

pray for the forces in lebanon now

kasamba said...

Our poor boys...

Bonnie B said...

The fear and the terror and the bravery-- faith and strength

How many tests must one pass?

the sabra said...

i dunno this world is just getting weirder and weirder..worse and worse...harder and scarier..o one sec! im pretty sure i hear the footsteps of moshiach...

the sabra said...

you write "but i think there is plenty hashem wants from us .. and we dont measure up"

think-hashem saves the good that has been done for generations and generations, yet the bad gets 'canceled out'. technically we should be reaping the rewards of thousands of years of labor and good deeds.

pint-sized said...

Now, more than ever, Israel and it's people need our help, so we should stop trying to rationalise the situation and start thinking how we can help.

the sabra said...

its more like im trying to convince those folks who mistakenly think that we are simply gettin what we deserve, that we do NOT deserve this and that we can and MUST demand from hashem to bring the geula. we have every right to shout 'ad mosai' (ad matai-until when)

of course we should be adding in good deeds-thats the only way we can win this war! but know, if hashem sees how bothered we are, He will take pity on us.

may we only hear good news