Tuesday, July 18, 2006

chabad doin mivtzoyim with the chayalim

Today, Tsach volunteers visited IDF soldiers at army posts in the north, laid tefillin with them and encouraged them. Rabbi Aharon Pruss, coordinator of Tsach's activities with the army, headed a special team to the north that visited Kiryat Shemona and to settlements in the Western Galilee until Naharia. The Chabadniks laid tefillin with them and distributed cakes and drinks and encouraged them. "The soldiers received us with joy and were revived by our cheering words", said Rabbi Pruss to COL. Tsach is also planning additional activities with the soldiers. (col.org.il)

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Lvnsm27 said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

the sabra said...

thanks for viewin :)

kasamba said...

How much do I LOVE Lubavitch?????

If it wasn't for them- Hubby would be starving now!!!!

the sabra said...

heh i knew thered be a catch ;)

Nemo said...

He can wear a baseball cap, but can't take off the tie... where's the fashion police when you need them?

the sabra said...

fashion? israel? huh?

pint-sized said...

Didn't you know that caps with ties are soo back in, along with socks and sandals, pink and red and yellow bowties with braces.(for those who are seriously considering wearing any of the above, shame on you)

anonym00kie said...

pint-sized you forgot boxers with mid calf socks.. or did that never go out?

the sabra.. thanks for this post.. a glimmer of light, they really do awesome work

the sabra said...

duly shamed

yay. bh. i was hopin it would provide a bit o relief and comfort in these dark times.