Monday, July 31, 2006

Blue Spiral #1

[reprinted with permission from the BLUE Spiral]

As I ambled down the quiet busy streets and the busy quiet streets, many poetic lines and flowery thoughts raced through my head-like school children scrambling to be first on line. Each one confident that they have that unique something to make them stand out and be deserving of the head of the group.

Yes, each one is vital, is special, is "madhim!" but each one shines with a different light, with a separate strength, from a distinct angle.

So the children, so my emotions and memories.

Some were cheerful, some were wistful, some were brilliant, some were heated, some were humorous, some were painful, some were anxious and nearly all, butterfly producing.

And all deserved a place. In an organized fashion.

But who can straighten out unruly kids and unruly thoughts with chumus smeard hands and ribbon tied legs?

My heart thumped awkardly when the sheirut passed Machon Meir and my brain sizzled frantically with the realization that the whiteniks belong to a different world.

I belong to a different world.

It's time for my journey back to the world which I never left...and time to decide which schoolchildren deserve to be at the head of the line.


Nemo said...


the sabra said...

ani yodaaaat?

Lady-Light said...

Sabra, are you going back to Eretz Yisrael??
Do I envy you? ועוד איך !!!
Tell me about your trip, when, how long, where will you be (should I give you my sons' phone #? -etc.)

jim said...

I have enjoyed your writing from afar, I hope you continue. But when children need you, go. Thanks for a good time.

Amishav said...

Hey Sabra- I'd give just about anything right now to have hummus all over my face while walking down Dizengoff street.

the sabra said...

the light shines forth...from my computer screen in this darkened i sit here in yerushalayim...stomach grumbling...thoughts of moshiach and eicha and the kotel and gush katif and flags and friends and speeches and death all in my head. welcome to the sabra. and dont be jealous, just do a mitzvah and you'll bring moshiach. race you to the old city!

hey nice to hear that you've been reading..and even more, that you like it. sababa that there are people who actually read my blog..check up on it..ppl ill never know about cuz they dont comment.

re the children-i dont quite get what you're trying to say. please explain, ye?

well if youd give just about anything, then hand over a thousand bucks and ill get you a plane ticket and some chumus ;)

Avi said...

Chodesh Yuli is for tomoz. Tonize I muzt sleepz.