Friday, June 23, 2006

o my g-d

His handwriting is neat.

His handwriting is neat and his columns are straight like long queues of people, waiting patiently for their turn to step forward to be totaled up by his slim, precise figures and then step across the neat black line that he has drawn at the bottom of his list.

In a few minutes, maybe, he will go make another cup of coffee.

In March, 8239 pairs of shoes.
In April, 7985
In May, 8132
In June, 8089

(read the full 'flash-fiction' here)


chanie said...

Ugh. Awful. But I knew by the first line what it was about. Why did you have to do that to me? Forget it, not your fault, mine. No. Not mine. Whose? Who knows? Who even cares? Ugh. That's all- just ugh. Sick. Creepy. Ugh.

the sabra said...

what you tryin to run away from?
the facts are facts.

chanie said...

I'm not trying to run from anything, or anyone. But...I just don't get it. I don't know. Whether it's fact or not, it's still sick.

Scraps said...

Oh my. I had a feeling about this story... [shudder]

s.J. said...

theoretically, God has a similar ledger.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

I was wondering, and then I saw the scary creepy truth.

kasamba said...

How simple yet so incerdibly powerful.

One persons math is a nations tragedy.

the sabra said...

i hear you i hear you

ye so did i. so i didnt wanna finish readin. but i had to. cant be that selfish.

practically, not theoretically. (good point)

socialworker/frustrated mom:
scary creepy it is. mindboggling!

one persons death of emotions, is a nations (emotional) death.
and the simple things are usually the more powerful.
(kinda why truth is stranger than fiction)

aliza said...

cold cold cold. only one answer.

we're wracking up different numbers:

250,000 tefillin put on
100,000 pushkes given out
10,0000 boys on weekly mivtazim
25,000 shluchim
10,000 shiurim
50,000 neshek kits distributed
5000 jewish websites/blogs

his numbers will be sanctified in ours.

the sabra said...

yes yes! i like that!
and the best part is that we are gonna win. tonight. amen!

[did you invent those numbers or are they taken from some sorta survey/census/cant think of the word-lemme call you now n ask ;) ]

Bonnie B said...

the mundaneness is the masterpiece of this writing. Numbers in a ledger, a job, a thorn in his side-- a tragedy and a stain on history so expertly written. He made it as a real person. I guess it was their sick kind of coping process-- make people into numbers.

Tobie said...

I'm sorry to anyone who might have been freaked out by that. I mean, I meant it to be disturbing. Because I think that's what evil really looks like, up close. And that's what makes it so darn scary. Anyway, thanks for posting it, Sabra, and thanks to anyone who complimented it.