Friday, June 23, 2006

necessitation of validation

I think there are monsters under my bed.
You don't.
That's fine.

I have reasons to think there are monsters under my bed.
You don't.
That's fine.

What's not fine, however, is to dismiss my fears based on the absence of yours.

What you may do, is kneel down with me and help me realize that the monsters have fled.

A prerequisite in banishing something
is acknowledgement of the something.

You can't take it away if there is no
(Just a brilliant theory I recently stumbled across)


chanie said...

Hmm...interesting theory. Though I still don't think that there are monsters under your bed, I get the metaphor- it's one I live by.

Bonnie B said...

There are monsters under your bed. I know because there are monsters under eveyone's beds. Maybe together we can kneel down and convince them to leave.

Nice post.

S.M. said...

this is amazing, and so true. wonderful way to put this... saving this somewhere, SM

Scraps said...

Maybe we can scare away the dustbunnies, too?

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Excellent the main theory in social work I might add. For sure always validate.

kasamba said...

So true and so important to the little ones.

(BTW- my kids ARE the monsters under the bed)

the sabra said...

good. one less person with whom to battle.
(sigh of relief)

bonnie b:
yes yes, you got it! gd i love you for believin in em!


walla, happy you like/agree. welcome to my soul. and remember-al tishali oti.

hehe NOW were talkin!
(btw missy, this is NO laughing matter)

socialworker/frustrated mom:
noooo my secrets been revealed, my skeletons outta the closet (oof now i know where my monsters are gonna be headin)

hey if u were my mum id be under the bed as well!
stam stam ur the bestest (only cuz ur funny)

o and in this case, were all little ones...

Nemo said...

I never had monsters under the bed, I had a big, biting rodent.

Did you have aligators in the toilet too? You know, the ones that everyone brings back from Florida and just flushes down the drain cause they can't keep them in their homes. They come up the drains once in a while.

Years of potty draining went to waste after I heard that one.

wandering said...

a parenting book I once read gave me a helpful tip that I use with friends/campers/students: Never deny someone elses feelings. If they feel stupid, sad, depressed, etc., never tell them their feeling is false. They need to feel validated.

the sabra said...

right. like if ur good friend says they feel its unfair what a teacher did, NEVER tell them-o cmon, look at it from their side.

hehe :D

If you would start cleanin under ur bed you would have no more big bad rodents. (maybe you n scraps can start some sorta Clean Under Beds Anonymous)
re the alligators-ain li moosag al mah ata midaber..kanireh sh'hadimyon shelcha ketzat eh...

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

What secret has been revealed? That we need to validate?

the sabra said...

no, that i know the main theory in social working.

pint-sized said...

I know it's not the point of your blog, but there realy ARE monsters under my bed! Been there ever since I saw Gremlins( purely coincidental ofcourse!)...

the sabra said...

o but that IS the point of the post.
i wanted to see color photos of each n every monster.