Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Make Reizi Proud


Shalom blogger/friend/classmate/co-worker/sibling/neighbor/stranger,

Just recently, on the 9th day of Sivan, the neshama of Reizi Rodal (10 yrs old) was taken from this world to join the myriads of tzadikkim who are now in the olam ha'emes (the world of Truth).

Yes, Reizi is finally at peace and in a place with no pain. But what about us? "Us" includes those who personally knew Reizi (or her family), those who have been in school with Sonia (or any sister) and many who have never met either of them, yet were forwarded this email by someone who did. No matter the connection or relation, we down here feel the loss. We feel the unbearable anguish and the utter confusion. How can Hashem do this to us? How can Hashem take away such a good, pure and innocent child at such a young age??!

But most importantly, what do we do now?

(If you have already heard all the details, and just want to know 'tachlis'-the bottom line as to what you can do practically-scroll down to the bold on the bottom)

About an hour before Reizi left this world, a letter was written into the Rebbe (via the Igros Kodesh) begging for a Refuah Shleima for 'Reizel bas Shaina D'vorah'. Shockingly, the letter that was received in response (Letters from the Rebbe, Volume III, pg 207) was all about what it means when a neshama leaves this world, and why we mourn if it really is a happy time. Only after Reizi passed away was the family informed of the Rebbe's response and you can just imagine the endless comfort that it gave them. Towards the end of the letter, the Rebbe writes that now the neshama cannot do any mitzvos, and this can only be resolved "when those left behind do a little more Mitzvos and good deeds-in honor and for the benefit of the dear neshama".

Let's take a look at what Reizi would have wanted.

At one point during her illness, Reizi said ""I feel so special that in my zechus, people around the world are united in doing mitzvos and bringing moshiach closer".

Thus, we are working with Tzivos Hashem (the world's largest Jewish children's club) in order to sponsor a special contest that will encourage and unite hundreds of 10 yr olds worldwide through mitzvos. (Details to follow when they become available)

Another thing we hope to accomplish is having the first ten perakim of Tanya memorized a total of ten times each, by the end of this year. (The number ten was chosen for that is the number of years that Reizi lived; and also, according to chassidus, ten symbolizes perfection.)
This means that a total of 100 people will be memorizing. (Actually, it will be less cuz some have already taken upon themselves to memorize more than one perek.)

By amazing Hashgocha Pratis, the HaYom Yom for Tes Sivan (Reizi's Yahrtzeit) talks about the importance of learning Torah by heart. To quote the Rebbe, "The world is in need of a purified atmosphere. Purified air comes only through words of Torah. Words of Torah offer protection in general and for each individual in particular. ……And there are no words to describe the tremendous gratification one thereby gives the Creator, may He be blessed."

And lastly, we have the 'Give 2 Minutes 2 G-d' project. The idea is simple; the impact, grand. It goes as follows: Every night before going to bed, take just 2 minutes (2 minutes=120 seconds) to open any sefer, any holy book of Torah or Chassidus, and read from it. After two minutes, stop. (even if you are in middle of an idea, paragraph) Though this may seem quite easy, you gotta make sure to keep it up every night, regardless of time or place, for the first 30 days. (of course you can keep it up afterwards..or add a bit o time each night..so long as ur
consistent) Additionally, tell two others about it (convince em to join you or even just let them know what ur doing)

In conclusion, we have here 3 different ways you can be involved for the aliyas neshama of Reizel bas Shmuel Hakohen:

1) Help sponsor the Tzivos Hashem project

2) Memorize a Perek of Tanya

3) Give 2 Minutes 2 G-d (and tell 2 others about it)

Email MakingReiziProud@gmail.com to let us know what specifically you will be doing to make Reizi proud. If you have taken on any other hachlatos please email that to us, as well. We will, iyh, let both the Rebbe and Reizi's family know of what was done in her zchus. MAKE SURE TO WRITE YOUR FULL HEBREW NAME (INCLUDING YOUR MOTHERS).

With wishes for moshiach now–the only solution to end all the pain and sickness in this world!

Additionally, please forward this letter to everyone you know. We need to make a difference!

A Mitzvah Project

לע''נ רייזל בת שמואל הכהן
(in memory of Reizel bas Shmuel Hakohen Rodal)


s.J. said...

wow. i'm so sorry.
so sorry.

Anonymous said...

The pain that i felt after i heard the sad news about Reizi was unbeliveable. I dont personally know reizi but i do know sonia, and spent the year with her. I remember one thing about reizi,, I remember her cute smile and happy personality that made an impression on me in the 10 min that she came to seminary to visit her sister. I remember her laughter-literally i remember her lauging while standing in our hallway.A girl that seemed full of simcha-full of energy, we just dont understand hashems ways. I was always told from a very young age-when someone close to me unfortantly passed away at a very young age, that when someone passes away espeically a young child it is becuase they are so special and such a tzadeikes and hashem wants them back by him. This may sound like its just a juvenile explanation for a 4 year old kid, but no till today when i am almost 20 years old, i still belive it. Reizi must have been a very special child with a golden neshama that hashem just couln't help but want it back for himself. May she only have an Aliyas Neshama and may she be a gute better for us with all the little girls who have passed away in the passed. Moshiach Now!

the sabra said...

anonymous, i have chills.
you have said what so many of us feel. and no, ch"v that ur explanation is 'juvenile'. you know that such a young pure child goes straight to gan eden. straight to where all the highest tzadikim are.

please email MakingReiziProud@gmail.com with your full hebrew name if you have decided to take upon any sort of hachlata in her zchus.

we need moshiach now!!

s.j. me too. we are all sorry. this sucks major! but yknow, until i started doin somethin my 'sorry' just kinda hung in the air..mocking me..and once i buckled down to actually do something positive in her zchus, i spotted comfort on the horizon.

nt86 said...

Hi..its me again (previous annoymous) Thanks for the info. I emailed make reizi proud and will iyh send a check as well to help with this amazing cause -its so nice and special of you guys to arrange this all. i am sure this will surely give her a real aliyas neshama!

the sabra said...

baruch hashem there has been an enormous outpouring of ahavas yisroel, chessed, hachlatos, tzedakah pledges, learning...

...for this alone, moshiach ought to come!

Pragmatician said...

It saddens me to read about such an awful tragedy.
There isn't much that can be done to alleviate the pain, but if there is something that can be done then it has gotta be all the above mentioned actions to grow and improve.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Sorry to hear, so sad.

Eshet Chayil said...

Sabvra, you have an amazing heart. Boruch dayn emes.

kasamba said...

I've emailed them and may you be zoche to be the shaliach of many more mitzvos, Bezras Hashem for happy occasions.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Interesting how do you take out the bloggers pics? I would like to do that for some bloggers.

Lady-Light said...

Very often in your posts and comments, you sound so flippant and 'cool'. And then, you post something like this, and one sees your true nature; you have a deep neshama, and a heart full of love and appreciation for others. (If I knew how to italicize this in html code I would): "Sheh-tizki le-mitzvot."
(-where can I find the full story of Reizel bas Shmuel Hakohen Rodal?)

the sabra said...

err i dont know what to say. im kinda fumblin, ladylight.
honestly this has nothin to do with a deep neshama-it has to do with someone who i care about really deeply being taken from this world.

the full story of reizi?
its happening right now-how shes influencing people literally around the world to do good. (were getting emails from australia, england, america, israel..).
I didnt know her that well before approx 7 months ago when a tumor was found in her brain, r'l. I am really close with her sister. When we found out, together we tried everythin we could to get Hashem to 'change His mind'. All the while, the nurses were astounded at how calmly and 'maturely' Reizi was handling the illness-the pain, the chemo, the countless hospital stays, the limitations, the weakness... Reizi would say 'oh! hashem really loves me today, look at how good im feeling'. and on days when she wasnt feeling well? did she claim the opposite? no. she would say "wow. isnt it amazing how many people are being united in torah and mitzvos now? think about how much closer moshiach is coming!" (or however you say all that in italian).
once she was diagnosed, an unusual and special friendship developed between the two of us, mostly via email.
she was sucha 'peaceful' girl. always looking to make shalom. always wanted to make people happy, buy them gifts, make them smile. so sensitive to the feelings and wants of those around her. and all with a teriffic sense of humor.
baruch hashem i was able to notice and appreciate the above, not only after she passed away.
all too often, people only notice the good in their peers once it is too late. and then they lament the fact that they did not 'take advantage'.
so no, bh, i enjoyed every minute of being her friend.
when she suddenly 'took a turn for the worse', i 'freaked out'. got everyone i knew to say tehillim for her. it couldnt happen. no, not reizi. not my sonia's sister. no no. but it did.
we will never understand hashems ways. though in this case, i think i have an inkling as to why hashem wanted her neshama so close by. i am almost a bit wary to do mitzvos for her neshama to have an aliyah-who am i to 'tamper' with her pure pure untainted emesdike neshama?
but, since moshiach still has not come and reizi is still not with us in a guf, then i know that more has to be done.
MakingReiziProud was then born.

kasamba, eshet chayil, social worker, pragmatician-i dont know what to say. i dont know what NOT to say. you should know that every word of comfort was really that-a comfort.

wandering said...

Chava keep up the beautiful work that you are doing and may Hashem bless Reizel to have an aliyah and bless us all with only revealed goodness and the revelation of Moshiach.

wandering said...

Chava keep up the beautiful work that you are doing and may Hashem bless Reizel to have an aliyah and bless us all with only revealed goodness and the revelation of Moshiach.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

This is my first time to your blog. You have written such a beautiful and heartwarming tribute to someone who was very important to you and others...

Being reminded to give time each day to G-d are words well said.


remchalamo said...

wow, i am more amazed from you each day. What a zechus you have had to be friends with Reizi, such a special neshama. All the work that you are doing and getting others like myslef to be involved in has braught moshiach so much closer, i feel it. I''yh we will see Reizi agian!

the sabra said...

amen amen amen and amen! to what you and esty said.
(i just wish hashem would repeat after me.)

BFC-Thank you. If you do decide to give '2 Minutes 2 G-d' (or anythin else in her merit) please email that email address.
(also, side point, you DID once comment here..about why I decided to make aliyah..i still havent forgotten the caring tone in ur comment)

(and can e/o plz stop embarassing me o'er here...all this squirming aint good for my back)

Devorah said...

After reading this I am amazed, truly amazed...