Tuesday, June 20, 2006

felt nostalgic

Last night, my neggel vasser set was (a mix n match of) blue and black.
What came to mind immediately was my land.
You see, I don't see white and blue anymore.
White and blue, that zionistic symbol, can easily become blackened.
And it has.
I think Israel and I think black and blue.
How sad.
But I'm not sad cuz I still have my Holy Land.
And its preciousness and holiness will never be colored by the acts of man.
My Holy Land.
How I miss it so.
Even with its multitude of bruises.
It will always be kadosh.


Anonymous said...

oh dear dear dear, you are so good/funny... i cant wait to hear what colors negel vasser bowl and cup you will have tonight...

the sabra said...

probably made out of paper clips (after all, im SUPER TOUGH)

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Hmm a negel vasser bowl and cup could do that to you? Some creativity.

remchalamo said...

when i started reading this post my first thought was "hmm what kind of black and blue," but, then I realized that great minds think alike (sometimes!)