Tuesday, June 20, 2006

did i write these?

just read two posts that are absolutely madhim. thought i would share cuz i think we all can learn from em. not necessarily the message that they brought out, but the fact that a lesson was learned from an 'ordinary' experience.

[satisfied sigh of pleasure]

"takin the plunge" (by anonym00kie)
"Keep merging with the raindrops" (by remchalamo)


kasamba said...

What can I say Sabra? you have such an Ayin Tov to spot these gems of posts!

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Thanks I saw anonym00kies already but now I have another new blog to look at. Nice to appreciate others.

A Frum Idealist said...

This is what Judaism and Frumkeit is all about. Catholocism dismisses the mundane becuase it's not holy. We embrace the mundane and see the holiness in, and elevate, even the most mundane.

the sabra said...

a frum idealist:
yup, you got it.

kasamba and sw:
sababa that u actually checked it out. happy u like.
and kas, whats with the gushin?

Chana said...

Hi Sabra... to try to elevate the mundane from my blog - my guess is that you were born between sunset and midnight. :)

the sabra said...

ye i was (what does that have to do w/ the first half of ur sentence?)

anonym00kie said...

wow thanks :)

the sabra said...

ain baya-where do i send the bill?

Lady-Light said...

Sabra, I LOVE your Hebre-isms: walla, sababa,ein ba'aya, etc. - makes me miss Israel even more (now, what does this have to do with the content of your post?)- just a reason to say 'ACHLA!'

the sabra said...

(delighted squeal)
aizeh kef lishmoah m'mech, giveret ora ;)

seriously, its good to 'see' you again.

love that u appreciate my 'hebre-isms' (is the missin 'w' intentional?)

and know, ani metah al hamila 'achla'. zeh haslang hachi tovah sheli!

tov yalla, bye kapparah sheli :)

Lady-Light said...

Hey, Sabra - you commited a 'FADICHA!'(remember 'anonymity'?? you promised!)
But it's so gratifying to hear that you missed me!
kol tuv,
LADY-LIGHT (remember the name)

the sabra said...

'smatter of fact, you have just committed ur own fadicha.

all i did was speak in hebrew-and literally translated your name.

(shall i delete?)

Lady-Light said...

nah, fahgedaboutit!