Friday, June 30, 2006

כי איך אעלה אל אבי והנער איננו אתי

-and that is why the Rebbe invented the concept of "outreach".

How can he, the Rebbe, be concerned with his own spiritual height when there are millions of Jews who do not yet know what it means to be a Jew. They are like children in the sense that their current knowledge of Torah and Mitzvos is so young and limited.

Now go out.
Reach out to every Jew.
No Jew is 'far'.
No Jew is 'secular'.
No Jew is 'detached'.

With all the evil in the world, the only solution is to add in goodness. For darkness will not fade with tears and shouts. Darkness knows no logic or sense. There is only one thing that will banish the darkness, quickly and effortlessly. And that is light.

Spread the light of Torah and Chassidus, of truth and ahava, and be the one to tip the scale towards the side of 'goodness'.

But do not be a simple lamp. Be a lamplighter. And light up others so that they too can be a lamplighter.

How can we possibly have that strength?

Through our Rebbe.

The Rebbe, the raya m'hemna (faithful shephard) and the Moshe of our generation gives us the power. Only a leader and a rebbe can connect all of bnei yisroel and reveal the etzem neshama in all of us for he posseses a neshama klolis and it is his role to be mechaber us yidden with our Creator. By revealing that inner connection that we have with Hashem, whether it is felt or not, the Rebbe leads us to be able to experience the truest level of etzem neshama which is expressed by having mesiras nefesh.
And now, in this golus, where we are not required to sacrifice our life in order to observe Torah and Mitzvos, our mesira is of the ratzon.
Give up your will for Hashem.
Have a little iskafia (self-restraint).



socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Very nice interesting way you bring this out.

kasamba said...

No one was like the Rebbe- our generations Avram Avinu- even making third world countries seem heimish and hospitable, with his emissaries.

I love Lubavitch!!!!

chanie said...

Thanks. It's refreshing to see that not everyone has the same gloomy attitude towards Gimmel Tammuz.

the sabra said...

Actually I had just gotten back from an evening with Rabbi Yossi Jacobson. Heard it from him. (and the rest was my train of thoughts in this crazy golus..and based on many sichos and maamarim of the Lubavitcher Rebbe that I learned in the past)

me too, me too.
someone asked me the other day if i thought that chabad was too strict (in a convo about girls and boys workin together, long skirts etc). she was shocked when i answered 'absolutely not. and i wouldnt trade being lubavitch for anything'

well its kinda um whats the word hypocritical? to be sad and depressed when the rebbe always spoke about simcha peretz geder, tracht gut vet zein gut and especially the inyan of adding in inyanim of kedusha instead of sulkin and snifflin.


socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Very nice thoughts thanks for sharing.

twilight770 said...

like life itself, the rebbe is always there for the taking...but...but the sad news is, its up to you and me... but Geula surrounds us none the less

the sabra said...

why is that sad?
we are fortunate that we have such clear directives as to how to hasten the end of this waytoolongandobnoxious golus.