Sunday, May 28, 2006

whatcha lookin at?

If I look at the small picture, then ya I'm doin stuff. Accomplishing. Activist. Woah. Big time.

But looking at the big picture, I'm doin zilch. Not moving any boulders. Not finding any cures. Not changing or doing nuttin.

So I refocused and looked at the even Bigger Picture and to my amazement, I discovered just how active I really was.

I gotta remember where to focus.


wandering said...

you have got the right idea... The Rebbe told us so many times that one little thing we do can move mountains and turn the world over. don't let anything stop you!

chanie said...

'chassidus shows us how smal we are and how great we can become'

Manhattan Spelling said...

great perspective... as i always say ZOOOOOOM OUT!!!

Timothy said...

HA! Was gonna find a random place to leave this... this title even gives me a way to find it again :)...
Anonym00kie once left this post (final paragraph in purple and all the comments.) My point: I use "the term" all day but putting it out in public etc... when you don;t know who reads... their degrees of fragility, self-consciousness... it doesn't seem right.

A-G-A-V! It would never have even occured to me were it not for your whole pre-apology... once you made the rationalization, I felt compeeled to refute it.:) I prob won't check back here... if you further comments maybe efshar you can return the "dropped it in a random post" routine.
Yom Tov!

tim said...

Now I read the post... Great thought :) Tx.