Wednesday, May 10, 2006

optical delusion

was in the bathroom reading some brain teaser book. saw some optical illusions, the kind where there are some shapes bunched around together and your brain tricks you into thinking you see something else. an additional shape hidden. but its oh so obvious. if i had the will, i would surf the net for an example. but i dont. so use ur imagination. thats what the picture has you do-use your imagination. well actually it doesnt. it doesnt give you time to think. i thought its pretty interesting how EVERYONE AUTOMATICALLY sees that hidden shape. that white circle in between the black shapes. that gray dot amongst the grid. the black line separating the two sections.

but there is no white circle, gray dot or black line. you just assume so because thats what it looks like. its just oh so obvious. you dont think about it. it just pops into ur head and it stays there.
it makes sense.

was in a place called life. saw some situations and some people bunched together. i saw the hidden story right away. i didn't have to think. the circumstances just made it so obvious. i saw what was around and figured out what was inside. it was so glaringly obvious that once it popped into my head, it just stayed there.
it made sense.



The Jewish Freak said...

Many things are not as they seem (even chassidus).

chanie said...

things are never as they seem....if only they were

Nemo said...

Freak- What's that supposed to mean?

The Jewish Freak said...

Nemo: No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

the sabra said...

chassidus and chassidim are not the same thing, tjf (i just cant call you 'freak')

i dont know what you all thought, but the main point i was trying to make here is the importance and necessity of being dan lechaf zechus. as well as open minded.

the sabra said...

This is actually an awesome* post that none of you appreciated. Shame.

*Thank You G-d for making me WAY awesomer than esther!!!