Tuesday, May 16, 2006

my 'perspective-izers'


Regardless of the occasion, I do not remove them.
They are my 'perspective-izers'.
And I present.....

four tzmidim
(orange) "Yehudi Lo Migaresh Yehudi" [A Jew Does Not Expel A Jew]
Purchased at a booth on a main street in Rechovot.

(blue) "
L'shachrer et Pollard" [To Free Pollard]
Bought it off a mitnachel in Tel Katifa, Gush Katif on Yom Ha'atzmaot.

(white) "Yisrael B'libi-Israel in my Heart".
Souvenir from my 'oleh regel' journey (from lod to yerushalayim) erev shavuot.

(purple) "
V'ahavta Lireacha Kamocha" [Love Your Fellow As Yourself]
Got it as a gift from my 'adopted' mother in New Jersey. She had received it when she was in the Gush by the Hitnatkut.

dog tag (similar to those worn by soldiers) that have the names of 5 chayalim ne'adarim (MIA). Ron Arad, Zecharia Baumel, Guy Chever, Yehuda Katz, Tzvi Feldman.
A woman in the Old City gave it to me (last chol hamoed sukkos) when I gave her tzedakah for some organization. I presume it was to help fund and publicize the search for them.

silver bracelet
thin silver chain
Bought it in Chevron on Chol Hamoed Sukkot (this year). The jewelers were a couple who had been expelled from their home in Sa-nur.

Hope you got perspectivized, as well.

*except when the anti semites in the airport force me to take em off when goin thru security


Nemo said...

All I can think of right now is tan-lines on your wrist.

I used to wear an orange Tzmid, I thought it a valid cause.

On the day of the Hitnatkut, that faitful wednesday, one of my campers jumps on me, kinda grabs on to the wristband, and then it snaps. I watched as it dreadfully fell to the floor. It seemed like the world around me stopped and it floated to the floor in slow motion.

Now, I'm not supersticious or nothing, but at that omen I knew that it was the end of Gush Katif. I knew that hope was broken as my treasured orange band snapped....

Yeh, anyways...

wishes outspoken said...

oh nemo.. how stirring....
little did you know.. but at that very moment.....

Bonnie B said...

Isn't airport security a bummer. I mean it is necessary, but come on do they have to hire creeps?

It never fails I always get searched. If I'm pushing a stroller. have one kid hanging on my hip and another tagging along beside juggling a juice box, I'm destined to be searched.

Perspective-izers-- what a powerful way to stay focused

Scraps said...

Powerful stuff. [thumbs-up]

kasamba said...

My heart still aches for Ron Arad.

Tomboy said...

Sounds like akabbalistic notion, this four colored bracelet, etc.

Lady-Light said...

Sabra - where do I get these things, not being in Israel now? I know there are certain states, such as New York, where there a lots of Israeli stores & you could probably buy these bracelets, tags, etc. Listen, why don't you email me: Maybe I'm going to a state where you are located (temporarily of course). You never know...

the sabra said...

nemo-reminds me (different angle completely..)of how in amona i took off my (green) tzmid that said 'tzahal, anachnu itchem' and threw it to the ground in disdain,disgust and sadness.


(hehe about the tan lines..you can bet i got some interestin stuff goin on there..)

bonnie-thank gd for airport security. we need more of it.

scraps-yup sure is. [thanx..blushin even more ;) ]

kasamba-oof so does mine. when did you 'hear' about him? i mean, since he was missing? (cuz i was barely around then...)

tomboy-tis in honor of the rashbi's yahrtzeit :)

ladylight-hmmm zeh yachol liyot ketzat mesubach..ain li moosag l'eifoh at yechola liknot otom...

but yo chevrah, the main point is that the next time you 'miss that bus' or 'lose ur keys' or 'kid gets a cold'...make sure you PERSPECTIVIZE!

kasamba said...

I heard about him in the eighties when I was in high school and we all wore the bracelets for him.