Thursday, May 11, 2006

i tried to look smart

i tried to look smart
and i ended up looking geeky

i tried to look confident
and i ended up looking cocky

i tried to look mysterious
and i ended up looking lost

i tried to look holy
and i ended up looking self-righteous

i tried to look inoccent
and i ended up looking foolish

i tried to look kind
and i ended up looking condescending

i tried to look fancy
and i ended up looking klutzy

i tried to look humble
and i ended up looking haughty

i tried to look chilled
and i ended up looking shlumpy

i tried to look irresistible
and i ended up looking pushy

i tried to look good
and i ended up looking bad

so i stopped trying
and i stopped looking

i started being


Nemo said...


chanie said...

shkoyach! l'chayim!

Pragmatician said...

nice, I could really identify, was it a date?

kasamba said...

This is one for my shidduch office- trying-no

David_on_the_Lake said...

Phenominal thought...

Thanks for sharing..!

Jewish Thinker said...

I started reading from an RSS feed. Didnt see the end - but reached the same conclusion. Great post.

remchalamo said...

Chava... ani mitrashemet...Reb Zushe said when i go up there theyre not gonna ask me why i was not like moshe....

The Jewish Freak said...

Nice work.

the sabra said...

walla thanks yall. that was quite unexpected. appreciate the feedback (then again, maybe only cuz it was positive. stam stam)

prag, no it was actually when i was takin a walk myself to the cellphone store ;)

kasamba-shidduch office? glad i can be of service :)

ah rem, thats my favorite story! (i dont quite see the connection)

the sabra said...

o and welcome to all the new 'faces'. esp david-im flattered you came by.

wandering said...

ah chava as you grow more and more popular each day and become a veteran blogger, I feel my comments are small and insignifigant... But I must say that it was funny, I like SAW you saying those things to yourself... After all these years, I guess I taught you something, always FOLLOW YOUR HEART ;)

remchalamo said...

well the connection is.... you started being.... Zushe's worry was when they would start asking him if he was "zushe.." (being)LIke they say on bubby's bording house "be yourself no matter where the wind blow, be yourself whatever you do... someone else can't try to be you... before you look at me look inside and be yourself"

Supersplattt said...

i really like it!

the sabra said...

no no st, i am in no way following my heart! do not even entertain the notion that you have succeeded in encouraging me to deviate from my strict 'moach shalet...'
oh and mah pitom that your comments are insignificant?! you are my literary hero (amongst other things), and i value what you have to say.
(hey you really imagined err SAW me sayin those things? cuz come to think of it, i dont think that ever came up in any of the 9421 conversations we've had...)

The Red Pen said...

Very poignant, for some reason it seems people lack the confidence to be themselves. You've given me an idea for a new post... stay tuned...

Amishav said...

This is very cool. If we would just simply be our authentic selves we'd have a lot less to worry about. So many people get hooked up into projecting an image- kids in particular.

JB said...

Wow! Thats incredibly inspirational - Youve got real talent there :)!

Even though you dont say hi ;)

the sabra said...

gosh, this is a bit overwhelming.

thanks jb (and maybe i did, or maybe i got ur autograph, took ur pic..), amishav (yep. problem is that its just as rampant in adults), red pen (im staying tuned) and supersplatt (hope i just changed ur life, for the better:) )

Gavriel said...

Very nice. Put it to music and you might get an Alanis Morrisette thing going (heady clever lyrics).

Scraps said...


the sabra said...


gavriel..neva heard her but ill take that as a compliment

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

wonderful. reminds me of a quote that rabbi abraham tweski often presents in the name of the kotzker rebbe -

if i am i because i am i
and you are you becuse you are you
then i am not i
and you are not you
but if i am i because i am i
and you are you because you are you
then i am i
and you are you

regarding the alanis morissette comment, you are miles above, but if you are interested in her formula take a look at this site:

the sabra said...

um rabbi, you wanna look over that quote? doesnt makes sense this way...

and thanx, but not interested in her :)

welcome to my blog

Anonymous said...
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yoniQua said...

kol hakavod.
uve got experience, and learn well from from it all.
may we all be blessed with such insight.

the sabra said...

todah rabs, yoniqua