Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Great Debates

(well some of em anyhow)

What Is Considered The Top Of The Pizza Slice
If Layers Automatically Overheat The Body, Even If They Are Thin
Hebrew vs Yiddish
Admitting If & When You Are In A Bad Mood
When To Live In Israel
When Morning Starts
Believing Everything You Read
Is Shifra Scary
If It's Cold In Shalvei HaGush
Thin Oily Pancakes vs Thick Dry Ones
What A Soldier's Room Looks Like
If The Guy Was Mexican Or Israeli
If They Have Shalom Bayis Problems
Firing Cecillia
Was Chicago Beneficial (both the stay and the visit)
She's Too Young To Get Married
Who Loves Who More (can't be, could be, can't be)
If I Still Like Mushroom-Barley Soup
Whether We Fight Or Not


Cookie Monster said...

yea ok, so cecilla is a no brainer.
shalvei hagush is off limits to the human being ( so i wouldnt know the temp there ;-)
there was pizza for supper? i knew i should have stayed!!!

mom said...

oh , well if you asked me- they are not debateable

the sabra said...

i miss levi visiting this site.