Monday, May 22, 2006

exclusively israel

#1- Walking along the beach near N've Dekalim, Gush Katif.

"Gosh, I've been here in Israel for 5 months already and this must be my 4th time or so, to the Gush and I still can't believe I'm here. I can't believe how lucky I am! And every day I wake up in Eretz Yisroel, go to a new place, visit a in awe and shock all over again. It's so weird that I still feel like this."

"Listen, I'm 22 years old and have lived in Gush Katif all my life...and I still can't believe it! I think I'm the luckiest girl alive every time I think of the zechus I have to be living in Eretz Yisroel for so long!"

#2- Israel. Jerusalem. Old City. Moslem Quarter. Shabbat Table.

"So, what made you move here? "

"What kind of question is that? This is the armon shel melech (palace of the king)! you hear? Armon shel melech!!! When I come to the Bet Din Shel Maalah (Heavenly Court), they will say to me - You want to go to Gan Eden? You want Olam Habba? You had your reward and olam habba down on earth! You lived right there! How dare you ask for more!?"

#3- Small Egged Bus. Crowded. Group of Israeli women singing "mishenichnas adar marbim b'simcha"

"Slicha, if all of you are singing together anyhow, do you mind saying a perek of tehillim for my friend who is sick?"

"Of course! Give me the name and we'll say it sometime tonight"
"Mah pitom!? We'll say it all together right now, as a group-what's the name?"
"Oysh, such a young girl...nebach..let's write it down also so we can remember her all the time"

(readers-again, another tehillim request...for a friend who has cancer...please do an extra good deed for Raizel bat Shaina Devora)


remchalamo said...

rak b'aretz!

wandering said...

Chava or one of your avid readers: Does anyone have an idea for a catchy phrase to put on a poster for the protest in Washington tomorrow? something along the lines of giving away land is endangering ppls lives...

the sabra said...

in israel we had 'we don't need hamas, we have olmert'

the sabra said...

and plz call me if you get this message tonight. cuz im scared to wake you up :)

kasamba said...

I have to tell you Sabra, that your post brought tears to my eyes. B'ezras Hashem we're going on Sunday to Isreal, and my stomach is full of dancing butterflies because I am so excited. I love Israel. I love the people who live there. I love your post.

the sabra said...

aizeh kef lach!!
i love israel too. love the people more than you do (the truth? im a WANNA-BE sabra). and man o man am i happy for you to be goin there.
you goin home, dear.

niseeyah tovah!!!

(and im glad as anythin that u like my post. ahem so do i..after all, israel is israel!!)

the sabra said...

one thing i hoped to accomplish through this blog was to share my love of our land.

remchalamo said...


Scraps said...

I love Israel. :-)

And I hope your friend has a refuah shelaimah.

Amishav said...

Just one of the many reasons why I am so much longing to get to Israel is so that I may too have some of those incredible experiences you wrote about. Thanks!

wandering said...

its not tonight anymore but should I still call you?

Lady-Light said...

Dear 'wannabe'Sabra, one of the things that I loved about Israel is exactly what you wrote in your post; total strangers commenting/involving themselves in your life! I remember when we lived there, taking my then 5 year old daughter on the bus, a 'savta' type admonished me for not putting on a sweater on her, she shouldn't be cold! It didn't bother me at all - I liked it. It felt as if everyone cared, everyone was family.
G-d willing, you will be a REAL sabra ba-atid ha-karov!

the sabra said...

thanx and amen!

ya thats one of the top 3 that made me fall in love-the absolute kindness and concern from total 'strangers'. only in israel do i truly feel that "there are no strangers, only friends you have not yet met".

princesschaya said...

i'm 17. i came to israel for the first time in january on a tour for ten days. at the end, i had to go back to where my parents live. but i left my heart in eretz yisrael, our home, and i'm coming back to find it as soon as a possibly can. anyone who has the merit to live in the holy land is unbelievably lucky, and you, sabra, are amazing, because you express your love for the place you live. you hsve a blessing i wish that i had, and that i am going to make sure my children experience.

the sabra said...

b'ezrat hashem my dear, b'ezrat hashem.

before you read this comment, i am hopin that well all be in eretz yisroel, together with moshiach!

good luck goin back to israel, but remember not to be a selfish jew.

kol tuv! (and welcome to my blog)