Sunday, May 14, 2006

עוף גוזל

re-fell in love with this song. this time, i learned all the words :) (and noch besser, Six-13 has it in acapella. yesh!) oof i have been workin on the formatting for too long to not have the results so greatly desired by this forlorn sabra. nu nu, worse things have happened. (but you should know, this is a real eye-sore for me, so if any of you kind fellas can help me with the hebrew/english, i'd madly appreciate it. todah rabs in advance.)

הגוזלים שלי עזבו את הקן
פרשו כנפיים ועפו
ואני ציפור זקנה נשארתי בקן
מקווה מאוד שהכל יהיה בסדר.

תמיד ידעתי שיבוא היום
שבו צריך להיפרד
אבל עכשיו זה ככה בא לי פתאום
אז מה הפלא שאני קצת דואג.

עוף גוזל
חתוך את השמיים
טוס לאן שבא לך
רק אל תשכח
יש נשר בשמיים
גור לך.

עכשיו נשארנו לבדנו בקן
אבל אנחנו ביחד
חבקי אותי חזק תגידי לי כן
אל תדאגי ביחד כיף להזדקן

עוף גוזל

אני יודע שככה זה בטבע
וגם אני עזבתי קן
אבל עכשיו כשבא הרגע
אז מחניק קצת בגרון
מחניק קצת בגרון.

עוף גוזל

My goslings have left the nest,
They spread their wings and flew away
And, I an elderly bird remained in the nest
Hoping hard that everything will be okay.

I always knew the day would come
In which we would have to part
But now it's come upon me so suddenly
So why is it surprising if I'm a little worried?

Fly gosling, cut through the sky
Soar to wherever you desire
Just don't forget, there's an eagle in the sky
Be aware.

Now we have remained alone in the nest
But we are together
Hug me tightly, tell me "yes
Don't worry, it's fun to grow old together"

[uf gozal...]

I know that this is how nature goes,
And I too left a nest
But now that the moment has arrived
I'm all choked up

[uf gozal...]


Lady-Light said...

My eyes are tearing up...this is so true of me (most of it)and my situation now. Can you include the music on your site? I don't remember how the niggun goes...

the sabra said...

um im gonna see if i can find it in acapella..sefira n all..

wandering said...

I LOVE this song... brings back memories... I always beg my parents to listen to it in a meager attempt to comfort them now that none of us live at home anymore.

the sabra said...

memories? im assuming you mean our mad dash to chevron almost a perfect year ago?

Nemo said...

I liked the song a lot more in Hebrew. Things just seem so much more interesting in Hebrew.

the sabra said...

huh? what version is there, besides for hebrew?

MoreFrum said...

I love this song!

Nemo said...

You can now feel responsible for some internet music piracy, I hope you're happy.

{Don't judge me for it!}

the sabra said...

morefrum, me too :)
nemo, never! (and was the 'i hope ur happy' sarcastic or sincere..cuz it sounded a bit like a rebellious teen slamming his door and shouting 'well i hope ur happy now!!')

kasamba said...

Ooh this song is getting me all emotional- my big one's about to leave the nest!

Scraps said...

I love this song. :-)

Oh, and even though it's 33Omer now, for those who keep "second half", the group six13 sings it a cappella for sefirah.

the sabra said...

kasamba, hope this helps! (we can do late night singing/chatting sessions if the need arises...)

scraps, join the club! [if you woulda read my intro to the song you woulda seen the Six13 matter, i shall forgive you with a full heart ;) ]

~ Sarah ~ said...

also one of my favourite hebrew songs :)

Scraps said...

Oops. So weird, how'd I miss that? Hmmm...oh well, silly me.

Anonymous said...

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