Wednesday, April 26, 2006

a-z meme (im it!)

They're after me!!! Scraps (the patchworkgirl) tagged me. i run and run and they still manage to find me. what is it with this society? why cant- ok breathe sabra, breathe. stop imagining things. whats with you? so you've been tagged. ok, big deal.

The MEME (what does that mean anyhow??) of A through Z. (apikorsim what happened to the aleph beis?)

Accent: Eh, when i wanting to impress dee americahns, i ken speak of a good accent of a eenglish.

Booze: ya, that's what i give it- a whole buncha boo's!

Chore I Hate: In a good mood, none. In a bad mood, even shutting the door.

Dogs/Cats: what, its raining?

Essential Electronics: pelephone. i think zehu. and even thats not so important.

Favorite Perfume/Cologne: considering i havent sampled EVERY perfume and cologne, i am not qualified to say which is my favorite. the ones i own, however, are Burberry London, 212 Sexy, and Deep. now, has this knowledge improved your life in any which way??

Gold/Silver: my teeth?

Hometown: ani yodaat? every set of parents give me a different story...and then again, i feel so at home in ALL of israel so...

Insomnia: how can i sleep in the land that my forefathers received as a gift and now its an inheritance to all jews?

Job Title: Tzabarit, obviously. all day i work hard on my sabraness.

Kids: kids kids, im telling you..the things they my days, we would never do such things! nowadays, the kids are so spoiled and don't appreciate anything you do for them. and why should u be doing for kids? in my days, the kids did for the parents. now everything is upside, kids....

Living Arrangements: right now im trying to evict one of the little characters living in my heart, as a matter of fact

Most Admired Trait: Humility

Number of sexual partners: i shall not comment. i will leave this answer blank. i will not deign to even respond with a negative or sarcastic reply. i will just ignore this question completely.

Overnight Hospital Stays: when i had triplets. ha scared ya. twas only twins.

Phobia: ha, you gonna blackmail me with this one, im not stupid!

Quote: "Don't do onto others what you wouldn't want done onto you" (from Hillel) and "Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious" and "At the end of the game, both the king and the pawn go back into the same box"

Religion: im a jew and im proud and ill say it out loud cuz forever that's what ill be.

Siblings: what about them? i should maybe read you their diaries?

Time I usually wake up: there's no such thing as 'usually' in the life of a mossad agent.

Unusual Talent: um seems like everything i do is 'unusual', 'weird', 'different'...(shrug)

Vegetable I refuse to eat: ariel sharon. haha. (ok ok so i cheated from s.j.)

Worst Habit: showing off after i kill arab terrorists

X-Rays: too many but shush-sore topic with the mum...but hey at least last year chanukah there was a chatich doctor involved (gasp)

Yummy Foods I Make: ALL food i make is yummy (dorky word). if it wouldn't be , i wouldnt make it. nachon?

Zodiac Sign: SHOR!

aha, and you thought that a sabra was just a cactus, ah?

(thanks scraps, flattered.)

Tov, I now hereby tag nemo, wandering, chasidishe shaigitz and lady-light.

*apparently i have also been tagged by smb


wandering said...

huh.... I've been tagged but I'm not sure I know what that means.

the sabra said...

means you do the same thing i did. make a fool outta urself. i mean answer the questions.

s.J. said...

(almost) cheater

Lady-Light said...

I was afraid of this; I only JUST LEARNED what 'meme' means (by reading s.j.'s & your answers) and what 'tagging' means. Should I thank you or curse* you for tagging me? It IS good publicity for my blog, though...btw, with regard to tagging, can you show me how to insert a link like that? (Remember, technologically impaired?)

*[chas ve-shalom; would never do that.]

smb said...

Didn't know you were taken.

Thanks for mentioning me.

wandering said...

hmm... I think I'll just stay 'It' for a while. Or is it one of those bad luck things, like if I don't answer the questions and tag 5 other ppl in the next 24 hrs bad luck will follow me for the rest of my days...

Nemo said...

Good tagging, you have no idea what you began.

the sabra said...

hopefully a nice big balagan.
(wanderin, you have protektzia-dont worry!)

Scraps said...

You're quite welcome. Just passing on the favor. :-)