Thursday, April 13, 2006

why am i not in chevron?

three stanzas, lookin for singleton road and then in the wind before conversing with the barak but that's not important

I sit on my bed
a tear in my heart.
I dont know how to handle
being so far apart
From chevron
the place i call home
Oh, when not in chevron
I feel so alone

Cuz when I'm in chevron
I feel at peace
And when I'm in chevron
all my struggles cease
Chevron is my truth
sought after and found
With chevron and its people
I'm eternally bound.

And my soul thirsts
And my soul cries
My soul yearns
And my soul pines

To be in chevron
Ir Ha'avot
To be in chevron
My heart, my home

Avraham bought the maarah
for Sarah his wife
This purchase summed up
the essence of her life
Yitzchok Avinu, Yaakov his son, too
Rivkah & Leah, Adam & Chava

Are all buried there
Each one has their pair
And now when jews daven
around the world everywhere,
Their tefillos go to
gan eden only through
chevron ir hakodesh
believe me, its true

And when I'm in chevron...

The streets have their blood
but not their fear
They lead simple lives
yet the plaques can bear
witness to their will, their burning love, their care.
Yes, only tzaddikim are living there!

So when I'm in Chevron..

so i screwed up the niggun a bit. nu nu.


chanie said...

which niggun is it? and btw it's absolutely gorgeous......

the sabra said...

read the description again...and if you cant figger it out, its shalosh tenuot..

and todah rabs for the compliment!first bit o feedback i've gotten :)

wandering said...

i like it too chava... didn't know you were a poet.... when i first started it I was thinking- hey did Chava write this herself? but as soon as I started reading it I hadno doubt in my mind- I could feel your feelings in the words!

the sabra said...



the sabra said...

"The streets have their blood, but not their fear"

Good line, good line