Wednesday, April 26, 2006

reachin high (away from chocolate)

when i feel depressed that im fat, i reach for chocolate.
when my stomach hurts, i reach for chocolate.
when i have a splitting headache, i reach for chocolate.
when i feel out of control, i reach for chocolate.

think about this for a minute, will ya?

eating chocolate makes me fat,
gives me a stomach-ache,
makes my head hurt
and leaves me feeling out of control.

does it make sense that i reach for chocolate in the above instances?

a thousand times no

just before, i was about to reach for chocolate and then i stopped.

not because i was worried about getting fat, a stomach or head ache or feeling a loss of self-control.

i stopped because it was a tayvah.
and the rebbe* said that the only way to break a tayvah is to beat it like you would a dog, with a stick.
not to reason or think or debate or cajole or persuade
just beat it

so tonight, instead of reachin for the chocolate, i reached high instead

thank you rebbe

*don't remember which maamar i learned that in. i think it was even a quote from the rebbe rayatz. i'd appreciate if someone can help me out with that one. im sure it is quoted more than once.


chanie said...

are you sure it isnt tanya?
thanks for the reminder of that important point- chocolate is one of my biggest tayvos too. (the important point being that a-chocolate isnt good for you, and b-to break a tayva u need iskafiya)

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

So let me get this straight, first you eat chocolate which makes your stomach hurt, and then when your stomach hurts you have a desire for even more chocolate?

Way to break a tayvah, did you beat the chocolate with a stick ;)

chaverah said...

I reach for donuts!

Just Shu said...

That doesn't sound like a nice Rebbe...I had a dog for almost a week and I didn't beat it with a stick once.

Scraps said...

Shkoyach. I'm not a major chocolate person myself, but I always tend to have some on hand in case 1) I want it myself, or 2) it's needed to solve all the world's problems (or at least one person's, anyway). :)

Eshet Chayil said...

I liked this. And it really made perfect sense. I don't really reach for chocolate but there are other things.

remchalamo said...

that reminds me what my answering machine used to say last year when i was in israel "im eating chocolate now so call back later"
chava i see you listened in class last year!
am yisrael chayale

Mimi said...

Man oh man - the Rebbes and thier far-reaching influence.

Lovin' it...

wandering said...

chava it is from a maamer we learned last yr with rabbi kaplan. I think it WAS from the f"r... though I am not sure about it. I am picturing it now in my mind...It is called shechem echad and I actually remembering studying it with you before the test. kol hakoavod for internalizing it so deeply!

the sabra said...

chanie-yes tanya speaks about tayvos but not about the beating it with a stick (im pretty sure, but not absolutely)

chassidishe shaigitz-ya, whats wrong with that? ;) and of course i beat it w/ a stick! now i have choc pudding all over my kitchen floor. nu nu

chaverah-dont get me started!

just shu-ah hope you are jokin. (not about the dog part)

scraps-what is it about chocolate that it solves all problems??

eshet chayil-thanks. was hopin that people would be able to relate.

remchalamo-(sigh) how many times do i need to tell you chayale that just cuz i was passing notes doesnt mean i also wasnt eating chocolate i mean paying attention durin class??

mimi- agree completely. ashreinu mah tov chelkainu.

wandering-ya i know, i remember us in ur room, u on the bed and me on the floor (like a dog hehe) and i think the end got hard or something, but was that with the shevatim, and the two paths in serving hashem? and there were like 5 questions (and that was the only part we knew so we kept testing each other on it lol). like why does it say shchem ECHAD and omg memories....

Scraps said...

Sabra--it's magic, that's what. ;-)

Tomboy said...

Just proves that what makes you feel good ain't necessarily good for yer!
Fun post to read. Touche.

lvnsm27 said...

love chocholate

DbRhK said...


You're hilarious, and seem to have the sabra shtick down pat. :-)

Especially liked, for "cats and dogs": what, its raining?



the sabra said...

walla! todah! For da compliment & for visitin.
What happened to ur post that i commented on?

!!!!יהודי יכול הכל said...

Eze MAGNIV!!!!!!!!!! I really connected to that one :-)

Sefirah said...

very interesting!....although..
i dont know if i could not..reach for the chocolate...i really love that stuff..