Thursday, April 13, 2006

how'd that happen?

it never really did anything to me, didn't think much of it either way. it was just a part of life. so.

and now it weirds me out. makes me uncomfortable. so?

grow up? not sure its a matter of immaturity. so...?

see it as a blessing. a gift. so thanks.


wandering said...

hmm... thoughts to ponder... can you shed some clarity? or is that infringing on your blogging privacy? If I was less kind and accomadating I would call you up and ask you, but you would probobly hang up on me so I won't.

the sabra said...

its private. and cut out the sarcasm and the infringement on the sabra's privacy and respect.

wandering said...

well putting all sarcasm aside (defense/protest of the weak) a blog is a GREAT place to put something that is private. ;). just trying to drive you crazy... i mean thats what friends are for right?