Sunday, April 23, 2006

gathering of personalities

How interesting. How unsettling.

This year, instead of a gathering of persons, a gathering of personalities took place.
Instead of relationships and conversations between us, there was only a play of traits involved. Selfish ignored the wants of Needy. Cruel teased Low-Self Esteem. Jolly took care of Hungry. Lazy vacuumed (!). Stingy set the table. for one.

And so on and so forth.

It unnerved me.
Imagine seeing images instead of humans.
Picturing psychology book descriptions instead of true feelings.


I don't like seeing the characterstics. I wanna see the characters. I miss the old way.


chanie said...

oish. what happened? why can't you see the old way?? and where and when was this?

btw- i do talk out loud. waaaaaay too much!

Nemo said...

When was it that people saw individuality in people and not just their collective whole? It seems that it is the inevitable direction of mankind to seek patterns in society, rather than viewing each person's charachter.

the sabra said...

I don't know what the rest of the world does, nemo, I know what I do. And it scares me that suddenly, as I mature, (maybe its not so sudden?) I start seeing the reasonings behind every move..I start seeing how something is so
'typical' of someone..I don't see people anymore! I see movements and words and patterns.

Does it not bother you?

Nemo said...

Why certainly. I come across so many people that I "categorize" them instantly.

the sabra said...

ya and that limits you. once you label someone in your mind, it's hard to think of em as something else.

chanie said...

at least you realize that- there are plenty of people who dont

wandering said...

ah yes, I do empathize with your plight. It causes me to grow more and more intolerant and critical of people around me. It causes me to look back and miss my naive, carefree days when I accepted everyone at face value.

blog biter said...

To The Sabra,

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Yours Truly,

aliza said...

having the ability to distinguish between people and their personalities (or characters and their characteristics) is a great achievement.

without consciousness of our tendency toward comfortable automaton images instead of forcing authentic freshness out of each moment, how will we break through?

pesach is the perfect time for this perspective. you must be working hard to deserve such a lofty gift!

bravo chavo!

Orange_Cross said...

It bothers me when I think someone's gone stale. When everyone's gone stale, what nausea! Have you read that? Nausea