Friday, March 10, 2006

waiting for my sonny

im waiting for sonny to come. and its so cold here in my apt. ya, people are colder than me at this very moment and ppl have frozen to death in the past. but thats not my concern right now. nor are the starving tea bags in africa or the price of children in china. right now im cold. would learn something to warm up my neshama but that would still leave my guf cold. and also, i needa wait here and be focused so i can hear if she comes. hopefully she will have the sechel to scream up or something to that effect. otherwise she will be stuck outside in the windy rain. or is it rainy wind? ach, no matter. stop making issues when there are none. stop complicating life, missy. and that brings me to my next topic-stop figuring out what i write. i talk to myself often. i dont care if other people hear me. why? kacha. so i dont care if u dont understand me, or understand me wrong. except when it counts. then, dont missunderstand me please. you know how much injustice pains me. even more than this bitter, reaches-to the-bones-and-doesnt-let-go, unexpected cold. hey at least this has taken my mind off sonny for a few minutes.


the sabra said...

i never get to be the first one to comment on my blog. and considering im the baal hablog here, i should be able to.
so i will.

there, i just did.

mama said...


mama again (i could) said...

nu so what time did she come?, you know i think you are actually more matzchika in the middle of the nite

wandering said...

how exciting!! i wish that was me that was visiting you.... regards to your sonny ;)

the sabra said...

mama, i've never seen you roll before. hope u took pics.

yes, she ended up coming BH aaaaaaaaaaaand she's sittin right near me. breathin in my ear. ich.

"i send back", said sonny.

Maflila said...

once i was cold too!