Friday, March 24, 2006

mazel tov skanch

mazel tov skanchee!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!! (she casually get engaged...'sgusteeeeeng)
i wish you and the proc a life of happiness and success together and a peaceful, comfortable, progressive home built on the foundations of torah and chassidishkeit, with only revealed goodness all around! (now say amen)

the only feeling i have right now is happiness for you. forget all the 'waiting' phone calls. forget mine and esty's observations and feelings (perhaps cuz im so far away). all i feel is boundless joy for you. hatzlacha rabba in every step. i love you.


wandering said...

since when is she coronated skanchee in my absence..... kidding ;). MAZAL TOV!! we feel your joy spanning the globe.

the sabra said...


no jokes allowed on this website

skanch said...

Chav- I cant believe i just came across this post now. Thank you so much! I so wish you were here to share this time with me. I miss you so much and think of you all time. I cant believe im going through this (IM ENGAGED!!) without you...
i love you too