Sunday, March 19, 2006

i love hashem on the bus to work

the girl sitting next to me was really fat so my thighs were pressed against the sidebar, which hurt.
and an annoyingly loud man behind me was talking to himself as well as the person next to him, repeating the same thing over and over and over and over again. it didn't even make sense, which made it all the more irritating.
and i was so hungry cuz didn't have time for breakfast.
and i had to daven and its hard to concentrate on a bus.
my nose was stuffed, difficult to breathe properly.
man standing near me and his stomach was bumping into my shoulder. not pleasant.
the bus took longer than usual, im gonna be late to work.
s and s are in chevron, on their way to maarat hamachpeila to daven shacharit, no fair.
and all the while, niv is on my mind.

baruch hashem its not me thats the fat one. and its only a 15 minute ride to work.
baruch hashem my sense of hearing is working 100% fine. and no one is getting annoyed by me.
baruch hashem its a rare occurence that i dont eat breakfast, and my stomach can complain. its not something that its gotten used to.
baruch hashem it bothers me that i cant concentrate like i should. i have a G-d and a Father that i care about and Cares about me.
baruch hashem i can still breathe through my mouth.
baruch hashem i had a seat. and no accidents happened or something drastic like that, just shoulder/stomach collisions.
baruch hashem i missed the first bus simply because i slept in because i was so tired from fribbing n laughing with my friends the night before.
baruch hashem i have the zechus to live in israel and i get to go to chevron quite often. its not a once-a-year-because-im-a-tourist opportunity.
baruch hashem i got the clarity in the end.
baruch hashem i was able to figure it out.


Mafia Bro said...

thank gd u have a brother that harasses you plenty!

Nemo said...

I used to thank G-d whenever I got off the city busses alive. I wasn't scared... I wouldn't have gotten on if that was the case. I just had this thing for busses, city busses. What a typical target. I also thanked G-d everytime a bus passed me safely on Yaffo without exploding. I kept doing it, it's hard to explain.

Israel is a decieving dream...

aliza said...

yay chav. you slay me.

Ilana said...

You drew an excellent conclusion from your experience, and I probably shouldn't be adding my two cents, because I have experience with new york public transportation and not Israel's.
But! I always think of public transportation as this fantastic opportunity for people watching. Of course, people watching can result in a sense of gratitude for what you have, but it can teach one so many things about humanity as well. Then again, when we do something tediuos repeatedly, our minds tend to convince us that it's really the best thing for us. So I don't know. But maybe that's a way you can see your bus ride in a more optimistic light.

the sabra said...

what made you think that i looked at my bus ride in anything BUT an optimistic light?

wandering said...

thank gd your in israel and you get to go on that bus every day to the old city!!!! you make the rest of us jealous chava... but we thank gd that we have you to tell us all about it.

wishes unspoken said...

It's 3am and I'm nowhere near sleep
It's 3am and I've gotto get up in less then four hours
It's 3am and I'm waiting my time (aka blogging)

It's 3am and baruch hashem I've found your blog! I've been looking for a good blog like this for weeks! Thank you!

the sabra said...

walla todah!
do i know you?

wishesunspoken said...

Nope (at least not that I know of) I'm a new kid on this block

the sabra said...

that was a pretty nice compliment i got back there.