Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Desert Sink

It used to be that everyone would wash their dish promptly after usage of it. Immediately. Nothing to talk about. You use a dish, you clean it and put it away. Simple. And that was that.

And then one of us came along, and didn’t. Wash the dish, that is. Just left it there. Oh, not for eternity. We were gonna wash it, o yes we were. Just not right now. And what’s the big deal if I leave it in the sink for a couple hours anyhow? Hmm you’re right. What IS the big deal? So it was left there for the night. And then someone else saw it, and the fear of leaving dirty stuff around wasn’t so strong. And the lone dish in the sink found a companion. All of a sudden, the sureness wasn’t so sure. Soon, it dissipated entirely. Eventually, the apathy was so contagious and deadly, that no one would even realize anymore when they were struck with the disease. And then the sink was always full. Dirty dishes. Made the otherwise spotless and tidy kitchen look unkempt. Down-at-heel lady. We were too lazy. We were cold.

And so we called a meeting. And we said “Always remember that first lone dish. And erase it from your memory forever”.


wandering said...

man it sounds like you moved into my apt or something. It is the 'amalek' of all dishes that breaks the ice for all the rest of them.

FrumGirl said...

Sounds like a plan

Ilana said...

this is rather cute

Nemo said...

Ken Ken Ani Maskim. Zeh haya kol kack chamud. Zeh hitorarti lirchotz miyad et hasefalim sheli.

Ani mitztaer, ani lo yachol lishtmamesh bha'ivrit sheli- too often- v'lakachti et hasikoy.

Lamah at lo tiftichi "blog" b'ivrit bishvil tovat hatzibur- zeh yihiyeh kef vitargil tov bisafahtenu

{don't know what i was thinking here, sorry}

aliza said...

chav, great parable. as a prime offender i would know. this will help keep my kitchen and my soul more pristine and prepared.

i love how it's sharp and soft at the same time. great accomplishment to point out undesirable traits without condemnation. we're in this together. it's our kitchen.

is it soup yet?

Just Shu said...

We usually leave dishes in the sink for a few days. When it gets to be bad, my wife says that we should do them when we are done. That resolve usually lasts for the next tiem a dish is in teh sink, and then go away.

elisheva said...

You end off writing about the "otherwise spotless and tidy kitchen". If the truth is that besides a few dishes in your sink the place is lickable, i wont bother you :) i do miss cleaning up after my roomates! sabra sheli, smile and enjoy the holiday.

A freilichin Purim

hashemsforever said...

I agree, great parable there Sabra.

Though on a literal sense I was also a prime offender until I decided to use paper utensils.

the sabra said...

wandering-spot on!

frumgirl-what is the plan exactly? to move into wandering's apartment?

almostholy-glad u liked it

nemo-ani eitan lach hamispar shel hakaban sheli, bseder? todah l'hamchma'ah!

aliza-thanks, u makin me blush and its ruinin my costume. regardless, im happy you appreciated it,and im sure most of us can pinpoint the 'amalek' of our problems.

just shu-whatever works for you. (how's the Solve-The-Worlds-Problems-or-At-Least-Your-Conscience-By-Eating-Till-U-Cant-Move-Tribute goin?)

elisheva-hush hush, u mustn't give ALL our secrets away...

hashemsforever-thanks. not sure though that what you did was a real act of deamalakization or not. hmmmm.


Mafino said...

how come i didnt get a comment?

Nemo said...


Is that even a word?

the sabra said...

l'ha-mach-ma-ah, for the compliment.

mafino-you turned italiano?

Mafuno said...

its in honor of the tush ;-)

-y- said...

i'm debating if this actually happened in your flat... kinda funny image.

the sabra said...

part took place in the flat, part took place in my head :)

(good one levi!)