Friday, March 03, 2006

a bloody thought

and sof sof

YES! Finally I can donate blood!! I felt better on my way out than on my way in.
My only anxiety now, lies in the fact that I am not certain that the blood I 'donated'* was not tainted blood.

Energetic blood, yes. Yet, created from excitement for something that may have displeased G-d.
Healthy blood, yes. Yet, merged with food items of a questionable Kashrut validity.
Pure blood, yes. Yet, created at a time of impure and improper thoughts.

I now have three months to work on my blood.

* I donated? MY blood? Everything is on loan from G-d!


mom said...

oh chav that was so beautiful, every bit of it

wandering said...

mom you are so positive and encouraging! chava is so lucky ato have you ;).
mazal tov chava on this new step in your life... giving blood is the greatest gift you can give someone- it is the gift of life.

namastaei said...

well blood is blood
and remarkably despite intention, it is still able to help somebody...
it's also pretty healthy to let the body rejuvenate a bit...

rock on-

from an O-neg ;)

the sabra said...

mom-what do you want from me..? ;)
wandering-yes i am lucky. bh. and no, its not a NEW step in my life. just this year...
namastaei-of course, gd willing, the blood will help. up to 3 or 4 people as a matter of fact. but it was still something i was thinkin about-how when you give something to someone, make sure you're doing it all the way. Be Pure.

Anonymous said...

chava chalila ur blood should be tainted but well said
miss u - am yisrael chayale

the sabra said...

chayale! thanks for stopping by..good to hear from you!

hashemsforever said...

Not knowing your history, it seems as though your hemoglobin has finally gone up enough to donate.


(I'm knew to your blog. Hi.)

the sabra said...

yea i am, how'd you know it?
and yes, it was my hemogloben that finally passed that glorious yet teasing '12'. wonderful, indeed.

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