Monday, March 20, 2006

6 shek. a 5 and a 1.

6 shek.
a 5 and a 1.
ill give the one to tzedaka before mincha, and the five ill use for a yogurt. cant afford a 'bigger' lunch.
k so first ill buy the yogurt cuz im hungry.
wait, the world needs light more than i need that dairy calorie intake.
but if im so hungry, i wont be able to concentrate on my davening.
o cmon, who you foolin?
ok ok mincha first.
oh i bet therell be free food at the kotel or something, and ill end up saving money because i put hashem first.
go down to kotel. daven. finish.
no free food. no matter.
now time to buy the yogurt.
satisfying thought.
shucks all these ladies are asking me for tzedakah.
good thing i gave already, no guilty conscience.
i had six, and i gave one already. the five is for me, i need to eat lunch.
u guys get tzedaka from everyone coming here.
i need the money.
so why do i feel so funny?
take it

she did
and i got countless blessings from her as well as wishes for a refuah shleimah for everyone who needs it

finally i feel like a millionaire (shekelaire?)


wandering said...

a hungry shekelaire.... ;)

aliza said...

i love it here inside your head.

Lil Mafia said...

yay for chava, yay for chava, yay yay for chava chava! ;-)

Nemo said...

Your altruism is ispirational, but Halacha says to get the yogurt.

You're not required, perhaps prohibited even from, from giving for than 1/5 of your money to Tzedoko. And when it comes to your rations vs. giving Tzedoko, you have the responsibilty to feed yourself first, "Chayecha Kodmin".

Nemo said...

* even prhibited from giving more...

the sabra said...

i had an emergency 100 shek bill in my back pocket.

...the chossid (talmid?) took a double portion of shmurah matzah from his rebbe (rav?) so that when pesach came around he was able to go back and give the rebbe some matzah for the seder for sure enough the rebbe had given away his own personal matzot, as well...

Nemo said...

You should get your yogurts from outside of the old city. They're only like two shekel over there....

What's your favorite kind?

wandering said...

wow our local orthodox rabbi is sure helping us out over here with halachos... too bad hes becoming a lawyer ;)

ne-e-neti said...

you people are pretty funny, sabra ,i enjoy your stuff so much with everyones comments and all.

JB said...

Strength of character Sabra...I like it :)

the sabra said...

nemo-never saw for 2 shek. i like the fat free kind, either strawberry or wildberry. im terribly sorry and utterly embarassed that i can't recall the brand name :(

Lucky Wolf said...

so did you eat lunch yet?

Nemo said...

Uly zeh loh hayah b'yerushalayim. Ani zocher barur shehalachti l'hamarkolet b'bnei brak im matbeah shel chamesh shekel, kaniti shtayim, v'chazrti im odef.

ani ohev et hama'adan shel shtruas, b'taam vanil im hakatzefet alav.

Scraps said...

I like the train-of-thought style of this post, the running conversation/argument with yourself. I'm glad you did what you really felt was right.

the sabra said...

smilin-i didn't that day. but i DID have dinner!

nemo-pipe. (and dont forget that im a rich spoiled american who can afford 3.30 shek yogurts)

scraps-thanks. my whole blog is kinda like me talking to myself..and hey if you wanna eavesdrop, i guess i cant stop ya :)

welcome to all ya newbies. ich i hate that word. welcome regardless. and shalom to my old readers. not that ur old necessarily, but ur old as in youve been wastin ur time touring my brain for a while now)

wishesunspoken said...

Your story is quit remarkable. But for starters, a yogurt for lunch?!?! my my you are quite admirable ;-)

elchonon said...

HA you should see what WE eat!! shushan 2 is famous for that!

Lets see "who ate up the loaf of bread?!?!" me turning to any random unsuspecting person in the house "wana go to the makolet and buy a loaf of bread"

Thank g-d everyone knows never to use up my milk because i nuts if i have no milk for coffee in the morning

We usualy make cheese sandwches in the grill. BUT you gotta do all the stuffings like spices and make sauce (super secret recipee!)

Sometimes i cook scrambled eggs with tomatos, mushrooms, and cheese.

Yogurts are for rich people!

elchonon said...

oh and another thing.

I live by the belief that if i give away all my money in my pocket provided its not TOO much and i dont urgently need it.. then hashem has to fill my pockets up!

We are just hashem's tzadaka distributors!