Sunday, February 26, 2006

The UnProcessed Word

And even as I sit here writing about the beauty and benefit of the unprocessed word, I pause to think.
About macaroni and cheese. Stam, that was just to throw ya off balance and prove my belief in the upw (unprocessed word).
I rarely think before I speak and definitely not before I write. (not really a shock for those whose paths have collided with mine)
What is in my brain, travels downwards onto the keyboard and zehu-there it stays.

I do not appreciate nor enjoy reading or listening to things that have been thought over (and then switched), weighed carefully (then added or subtracted), debated about in the brain, mixed up in the mind, chosen like a choosy Israeli woman standing by the fish stand in the shuk and then oh so delicately (or oh so horrendously) given over.

I do not like the processed word.

Wherein lies the brilliance of the processed word? Websters Dictionary? Online Thesaurus? Your grandma's memoirs? Az mah? I, too, can blacken my fingers flipping through those pages, kill some brain cells clicking on the keyboard and smile smugly when all is copied and pasted.

Do I want to live in the world of the The Giver?
Do I want uniformed realities?
Do I want to interact with a mrqueenattendanthonorchildsuperiorenemyfriendteacherjunior machine?

Explain, kind human, explain if you will-am I talking to you or to a processed you? Because I have no time for a processed you; no time to dissect, dicepher, disengage and decide what is truth and what you have perfected into what you believe (or what you have been processed to believe) is the truth.

(Of course, we all have it upon ourselves to perfect our innerselves; to purify one's thought, speech and action is the (sometimes not yet recognized) goal of all mankind.That is not the processing I'm ranting about)

Admittedly there is one con to the upw. Only one, but tis a grand one.
Sometimes, I write and say things that I later regret, and had I thought about them beforehand I would not have let it out; thus sparing many a hurt feeling.
That's the one. The big one.

But then again, there are many who chew over their biting remarks and spit them out regardless.

And I prefer the dizziness from a real strong real kick, over the dizziness of a real strong fake hug.

I believe in the perfection of the truth vs the truth of the perfection.


mac^2 said...

You have just made my favourites list.

I may link to this post, as I very much agree to everything you've said. Agree, though I can't say I've lived by it. Even now, I'm processing my words...

ms.dizzy said...

what are you bolbing about??? oy , what we gonna do with you??? unbelievablely unwordable, that's you!!!

mom said...

you better think before you talk!!! very important, speech is a very special gift we have ,please use it wisely :)

Anonymous said...

i see the dates are in hebrew.. is that something new??? very nice

ms.dizzy said...

and no way , i dont think you would "rather be dizzy from a real kick then from a big fake hug"

wandering said...

do the ends justify the means? can u justify causing pain or destruction because you wanted to be 'real'? even the Torah says that at times it is better to lie than to tell the truth...
just trying to play devils advocate chava- i do understand what you are saying- thats what we all love about you. but it is something to think about...

the sabra said...

mac-flattered beyond belief. how'd you find this blog in the first place?

ms dizzy-if you can't appreciate this blog (ahem) dont read it! and yes, i did mean what i wrote-about the kick vs the hug


wandering-its something to think about?? no!!! the dreaded 'T' word!!
b'emet aval, you are right that there are certain halachot about when it is necessary to lie, and also there is the concept of self-restraint (see the paranthesis in mid of my post), but my frustration with the processed word lies in those 'politically correct' folks who can barely be distinguished one from another-neither in looks, actions or words.

Nemo said...
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Nemo said...

Better spell-checked than some of the illegible stuff out there

YS said...

Not only do I proccess my words, I spin dry them as well. I'm unsure often of my thoughts and afraid I'll say the wrong thing. My solution is to write my thoughts down (pen & paper) and then type them up while editing them, then once they are on the screen I'll reread, edit, and make any small changes, then I'll spell check and hit send. It usually works well. Except for women.

the sabra said...

hmmm seems like im the sole fella on the unprocessed island

Nemo said...

It's a drowning iceberg

the sabra said...

an iceberg? perhaps
drowning? not so sure who in this case

(warning to all you titanics out there)

JB said...

To type without thought?

I agree. There are times when it's nice to see something just thrown out there. Just laid bare for all to see, unedited, unabridged.

Speaking as a writer though...

There is a certain complex beauty to language. Each word has its own distinct meaning. No matter how similar they may sound, one will always fit better than the other.

Thoughts run around peoples heads in a chaotic jumble. To place them on paper (cyber-paper in this case), they need to be organized. For some, this comes easily. For others, this requires an intense process of process :).

Plenty of people produce incredible stuff, using the processed word.

It may get lonely on your island, but it's your island. You made it. No one else will write exactly like you, and no one will ever write exactly like anyone else for that matter.

Find people whose writing you like - no matter the amount of processing its gone through :).

Now if your only problem was with "politically correct" processing, then you have no argument from my corner...

the sabra said...

Hmmm i see i need to do a bit of clarifying.

I am not only talking about writing.

Obviously, when writing a piece of literature the most precise word needs to be chosen and applied-otherwise your feelings and thoughts cannot be expressed properly, and what you wanted to convey will be pretzeled up into a different meaning.

But why do people process their words when 'stam' talking? Im not talking about using a higher vocabulary. Im talking about using words and expressions that they know will delight the listener/reader; however, they themselves do not connect with the word.

What do I mean by that?

I care much about the spoken and written word. Not to process doesn't mean that I don't think its important. It means that I attach too much estimation to the thoughts of everyone out there, assuming that if they speak their mind, bli procession, it will be a pleasure to listen to. I am usually wrong. This also means that every word i write or say has found a place in my heart.

Same goes with dressing.
Yes I know that shirt looks better on me, but I don't connect. So I don't wear it.
Simple as that.

I believe in truth, and I believe it is perfect if its unprocessed. Truth is challenged in all areas of your life.
(I must declare again that there are halachot of when to lie. Also, I am not, G-d Forbid, denying what chassidus says about working on yourself and changing your 'normal' instinctive behavior)

Politically correct-bah

I hope that clarified, at least a bit.

And to those whose mercury has just risen on the confusion barometer, ani mitnatzelet!

aliza said...

chav, is it authenticity you're after? are you bothered when "the masks are more true than the faces?"

i am.

therefore i think.