Sunday, February 05, 2006

(this is dedicated to every single person who struggled to save Amona)

he loves me
and everything he does to and for me is good
but do i believe it
how can i know
how can i be so sure
let me think this through
he created me
he certainly wants me to live on
he wants the best for me
a father
a father loves his children no matter what may be
a child is a part of his father
and thus, he only will do good for me
sometimes i cannot see it
for i am but a simple child
i am not the father
i do not know why i cannot cross the street myself
it seems unfair
he holds back his laughter
when i complain about early bedtimes, green beans and homework
i cry complain and stamp my feet
i throw a shoe
and then a chair
a smack across my cheek
that is good?
a sign of love?
he loves me?!?!
yes, a sign of love
for remember-he is my father and i am but a part of him
and if he wants the best for himself, how much more so he wants the best for me
ok so i get a smack
and simple (shall i say stupid?) child that i am, i throw another chair
this time at him
(ed: don't you realize, child, that you are only hurting yourself?)
but i don't see
and i think i know best
(sigh) children children
and then one day i grow up
i am no longer a small child
a child yes, but not so small
and i look around
and i see all the fathers with their children
and i see the small ones cry complain and stamp their feet
and i wonder at their impudence
and i laugh (but really i cry) at their stupidity
and i silently urge them to hold hands when crossing the street, go to sleep early, eat their vegetables and do their homework
and more than that, i pray that they thank their father
thank your father
he's doing it for you
hes doing it because he knows its best for you
you are part of him, an extension
you are him
do you really think he would harm himself?

that means
i guess
that its time
to say
'thank You, Father'

(i did not say it is easy. perhaps because i am still the small stupid child)


Eshet Chayil said...

No matter how old you get, it's never easy to say thanks to your parents. Maybe just the same as it's hard for them to say they're sorry. But learn to say thanks before they're gone...
Thanks for the visit to my blog. :)

the sabra said...

i don't agree that it's never easy to thank your parents. especially once you have children yourself.

i was actually talking about seeing the good in amona (thought it was obvious)

ur welcome and likewise :)