Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Processed Word

I believe in the processed word.
I believe in sharing and hearing what is really in the heart, not what is in the air.
I believe in real communication and relationships-which can only be done through word procession.

Don't ask me "How are you?" and then run away before you if you hear my answer.
Don't offer to help if you will resent me taking you up on the offer.
Don't say sorry if you are not.
Stop saying things that others mean-start saying things that you mean.

Process your words.

And your hearing.
If I ask you what is wrong, dont tell me 'nothing'. You can tell me that you don't want to share it now (but realize, dear fellow, realize that I have processed my words; thus I truly do care and want to know what is wrong and how I can help) but don't answer untruthfully.
When I tell you that I am sick, don't smile and say feel better.
Don't tell me everything will be ok in the end. I dont care about the end, I care about right now.

Are you interacting with me or is x interacting with x?
Are you aware of the meaning and intent of the expressions gushing from your tongue?
Have you been trained long enough to know where your arrow will pierce?
Have you thought that maybe just maybe I don't think like you?
But wait, are you so processed that you belong on the shelf, all wrapped up in plastic?

And I believe in the perfection of truth vs the truth of perfection. Obviously.


mom said...

very nice

Nemo said...

Often it hurts that we only have "slogans" to share.

It's hard to empathize with a person without A. having been there and B. without closely knowing the individual.

It sounds like the person you are discussing is someone distant. A passerby. Sometimes the only thing that someone can offer without emotional attachment is such a practised line or cliche.

wandering said...

wow big change of heart.... who are you and what did you do with my best friend??? ;)

the sabra said...

nemo-I am not discussing a certain incident. I am not referring to a certain individual. I am talking about almost everyone out there-people who let meaningless and careless words emerge from their mouth. They are not insulting (though sometimes that, too. "no offense but I hate the sight of you". why did you insert 'no offense' if you knew that that is exactly what you will be doing-offending the other person), but meaningless. And yes, it is a sort of insult that you are communicating with me on such a superflous level-you say the same things to me as you do the rest of the gang.
I despise 'conversation starters'.

who are you fooling??

the sabra said...

wandering-no change of heart. It is how i feel,and how I've always felt. And so is the other (unprocessed) piece.

Dont worry-I know I used to be schizophrenic, but were totally ok now.

Nemo said...

Then I won't ask you about the weather!

Personally, I find it hard to communicate with someone with whom I don't share a deep-seated realationship prior to whatever it is. And the measurement of how deep the relationship can be measured by the inverse- how easily do I connect to this person?

aliza said...

bravo chav-o!

-y- said...

i like. (i've also been in class all day, that's about as sophisticated as my words get just now, but still true)

the sabra said...

yo nemo, not every convo has to be 'deep'. i can ask a stranger how they are doing if it concerns me. but i wont ask my roommate how her day was if i dont care. or rather, i dont care to do the 'formal' thing. if s/t extreme happened, she will tell me. if not, then i dont needa ask simply cuz thats the 'thing' to do!

aliza-ur a poet and u didnt even realize. and no, i didnt change my mind on anything :)

y, y thank you and dont let schooling get in the way of your education, aight? good luck!