Wednesday, January 18, 2006

what will be with the city of our fathers?

m'az ulitamid. whatever that means. im listening to 'yomim ketomim' now-songs of the gush. not a very comforting idea right now. get my drift? i feel confused. i dont know if i am confused or not. do you ever confuse yourself to pretend that you are confused when in truth you know the truth? the rebbe saw the truth (obviously) when he said that he will not send/encourage his chassidim to settle in chevron for it will only be temporary. and that the government doesn't intend to truthfully settle all of israel. sharon is just being a politician. ach. politicians, building bridgers where there are no waters. but now there are waters. choppy ones. confused ones. the options seem endless. fight the current? get swept along? with which currents though? build bridges? swim under the built ones? give up and sink? save the sunken ones? write a blog lamenting those making the waves?
the rebbe says to add light. [again, endless options. but no confusion with this, thankfully, mercifully.] give tzedakah BEFORE being asked. use kosher lip balm. listen to a niggun. a chabad one. make your roommate's bed. say al hamichya. from a siddur is even better. explain the 7 noahide commandments to a a lonely grandparent. not necessarily your own. volunteer at a soup kitchen. or anywhere that needs your help. the world needs your help. you can change the world. and each person is a small world actually. so if you can make a difference to one person, you have made a difference to the whole world. woah. didn't think you had that power, did you? well you do. even you. especially you.


Anonymous said...

these are times of great nisayon, but you have the right idea. and we have the rebbe as our lighthouse and beacon, b"h.x

wandering said...

also its important to remember that only a positive nevuah must come true- a negative nevuah can always be nullified. otherwise its easy to get discouraged remmebering the Rebbe's words about chevron as well as words from the navi predicting dire situations before the times of mashiach. may we merit to see the light of mashiach today!

the sabra said...

amen wandering, amen.