Thursday, January 26, 2006

what if we ate manna?

what if the norm was that we all ate manna and the jews in the desert received 'regular' food from heaven...and they freaked out at the sight of it..? what if not a single givaati soldier took part of the gush katif scandal? what about tzanchanim and golani and chail ha'avir? what if mendy was a typical modern orthodox name? what if there was no such thing as lying? what if shwarma could talk? what if black was wedding and white, funeral? what if every time you yawn, you would have to pay? what if the army wore light pink vs army green? what if i can be the one to tip the scale for good and bring the final redemption?

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mama said...

oh chava , that was funny did you think of those yourself? oh you're good!