Wednesday, January 25, 2006

to whisper rather than shout

Rabbi Moshe Feller, head shliach in Minnesota, relates:
“I once had to publish an article about Chassidus in English, and I first sent it to the Rebbe for editing. In the article, I quoted the Chassidic saying that to rouse a person from a faint, one needs to shout his name in his ear. Here, the Rebbe crossed out the word “shout” and wrote “whisper” instead.
Since then, this has become the motto of my shlichus. I considered that this correction to be an important directive to all of us. The arousal of our generation from its spiritual faint is the work of shluchim, but it must be done with a whisper, without any trace of anger.

translated from kfar chabad magazine/shmais


Rivka Domnitz said...

Am new to Blogs and was trying to trace my friend's (she's an olah cadasha) and yours appeared. I am Chabad. This 'story' is great. Thank you. (Is the chewing-gum-removing-machine really true??? Could use it here in the UK!). Would be good to hear more about you. Shavua tov.

the sabra said...

hmmm you would like to hear MORE about me? now that's a first..

read my earlier posts

good luck findin your friend (have u checked the local prisons?)

Anonymous said...

If the work of shluchim was indeed about awakening a generation from its spiritual faint, then I daresay there would be no need for even a hint of anger, but alas, the situation is not so...
conclusion - we need more people like chava out there!!!
miss you