Monday, January 23, 2006

tis a wonderful atmosphere of prisms and corners and colors as well
shiny but matted like an ash tray or silver bell
white bleached stones with soles so far
forget blood and sweat, thats a piece of my heart
knowingly nodding
a bit condescending
sky blue sky blue
forfeit the moment
and seize the ray
lower and slower until end of day
then break again
but no sa-tis-fy-ing slam
an ink blot so minute
unashamed of its role
brazillian cheesecakes
with tough tough skin
like an elephant
it's entirely whole


wandering said...

can we have a little clarification on the esoteric meanings of this poem?

the sabra said...

well israel is a base.
but id like to see what (if anythin at all) other folks have got to say.

(esoteric meanings..who knows why that phrase is mad apropos?!)

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful poetry...i really appreciate reading something this profound. it creates a picture of serenity and truth
i like the line "an ink blot so minute unashamed of its role" im not sure why - just did
youre inspirational chavdasab

the sabra said...


hehe yes, it's more than three years later.
wow, my blog's been around for quite a while.