Thursday, January 19, 2006

let the heat penetrate

its cold in the old city
(it usually is-this time of year, this time of day)
and the cold isn't just around me
its in me-
infiltrates, permeates, spreads and clings to me
it's clutches escape noone
it touches and freezes all
and i shiver
unthinkingly, unknowingly, unwillingly
because just now i gave in to the cold
i obeyed its command
i have allowed it to enter and i have not fought back
ah yes a sweater a glove an extra sock
so what
so what i say
why does cold penetrate all the way inside
and heat stays on the outside
on the surface
i don't feel heat in me, touching me, holding me
only cold
i want to let the heat penetrate


Manhattan Spelling said...

great post.. it seams like you live in israel.. how do you have a generous vocabulary?

the sabra said...

when there's a will there's a way
stam my generous vocabulary (hey thanks for the geeeeeeeenerous compliment) is due to the fact that i have lived in the states for most of my life. zehu.

Manhattan Spelling said...

interesting.. do you miss the US or you can't go back? How long have you been there for.. it's always interesting to see how americans ajust in Israel.. I love visiting.. but I don't know if i can hack it there.. the longest period of time that I've been there at once was 3 months.. and i was happy to get back home.. but don't get me wrong I loove Israel..

the sabra said...

no, u love yourself and visitin israel once in a while satisfies you and makes yourself happy.

of course i can go back to the US- there is no such thing as 'cant' (as a wise ol sabra once wrote "when there's a will theres a way")

If you want to know if I miss the US and how I feel about living here, read my earlier posts.

good day

wandering said...

ah yes chava i remember those cold jerusalem days.... but hey its a whole lot colder here in ny if that is any comfort.

the sabra said...

comfort comin from chul? hard to find but i do appreciate the effort