Monday, January 16, 2006

Leaping Up

sitting in the rova (midday break)
mother with three little children are walking by
they reach a high curb
the littlest one leaps off first
the force of the leap
lose his balance
and he slides onto the floor
lands on his bottom
feet in front of him
he looks up at his mother
and grins
the other two children jump off as well
they manage just fine
(these littles aren't as little as littlest)
littlest goes back up to try again
he leaps and slides again
equal force
doesn't bat an eyelash before climbing right back up
equal determination
mother waits patiently, two other littles frolick about
littlest leaps again
this time he does not slide down onto his bottom
but the force was again too great and he stumbles
righting himself with his palms
(or attempting to at least)
not a proper leap
he turns around to try once more
mother continues to wait and the other littles are engaged in all the things that littles engage themselves in
(this is round #4 by now)
when littlest leaps this time, it is a solid leap.
a solid solid leap
and the four can finally move on
and nobody, not even littlest, realizes what an impact those leaps had

leaping up
to a solid leap

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the sabra said...

ahh i remember this o so clearly

chaval that im the only one