Sunday, January 15, 2006

Efrat Shabbos (s/o needs the bathrooooom...)

namely, myself :)
so this is kinda odd-now that I'm posting this directly online I don't feel as comfortable posting random details and private info and the like..
I was just re-reading some of the emails that I posted and gosh they are wacked. I dont know how u understood them all lol.
i should prob edit some of em.
so lets go do shabbos in short

7 hills there, each one named after one of the sheva minim. I stayed in rimon.
there were 3 sons there and omg it was hysterical watchin them interact. one came w/ a wife and darling baby. one w/ fiancee and one was younger. i will never tire of the older-brother-tease-younger-brother scenario.
laya and i got our fair share of teasing as well :)
so much normal americanish food. gosh. you would think that im so happy to be here and so happy to be outta america and not want a/t do with it but when u see familiar american food, ur gastrofeelings start actin up insanely. (and no, i do not suffer from insanity...i enjoy every minute of it)
gosh im feeling so intimidated thinkin how much more official this is on a blog. like i should think before i type. ICHSA! i will not let it get to me! i will be as random and dumb as i want to be! yeshhhhh
ok so this american guy moved to efrat about 2 yrs ago and every friday night he sets up this whole thing w/ food for the kids who are hangin out in the streets anyhow and he like talks to them and stuff. yafeh! (w/o tryin to sound like yurk...)
my nose is always freezing. i do not know why.

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