Monday, January 15, 2007

(remembering) the normal ones. the zula ones

the other night in the zula this guy i know was drunk and it was a bit scary for me, and in general there are all types of interesting ppl in the zula and so i muttered something how 'koolam po mamosh mishugaim' and this guy turns to me, in hebrew, 'u think they're not normal? so who's normal, tell me please-the people who can't even enjoy and understand or appreciate life because they sit in front of computers all day in their businesses trying to make money and not talking to anyone and just being serious and only caring about themselves and only into how they look and what their money can do for them..thats normal? normal is always worrying what everyone will say and being uncomfortable trying to be someone you're not??!" and i thought about it, and came to the conclusion that-u know what, ur absolutely right. i do agree with you. and that is the precise explanation as to why i love the zula.
and i am proud to say that i now consider myself normal.
we are the normal ones.
the zula ones.


rivka said...

Very profound and so true.

rivka said...

Not to say that we Floridians aret normal...hehe

wandering said...

And I my dear friend will be in the Zula so soon.... But of course I will say hi to all of your wonderful Zula friends and we will havve a moment of silence in honor of the grandest Zula One of them all- the Sabra.
I love making you jealous :p

elch said...

First off Rivka ease up i'm from florida ;) but I definatly am not normal! (i'm one of the only lubab's with a conceald weapons permit and they flip!)

Secondly dude knows nothing! I sit by the comp all day.. yes I miss my freewheeling days and I almost cried walking up to tekoa daled all 30 minutes of the hike...

But that dont pay the bill's and its fun of course to live in dreamland.. but reality says you gotta make $.

Sure if I stopped spending on nice stuff (a.k.a. coffee etc..) I could get by with not working much but then I can never get married!

Wandering... FIRST I get my suitcae.. till then you aint going into any zula's or marzpian's or chevron!