Sunday, October 26, 2014

לך לך מארצך.....Living with the times

Today's Hayom Yom:

From a sicha of my father, after the conclusion of Shabbat Lech L'cha 5651 (1890): In the early years of his leadership the Alter Rebbe declared publicly, "One must live with the time." From his brother, R. Yehuda Leib, the elder chassidim discovered that the Rebbe meant one must live with the sedra of the week and the particular parsha of the day. One should not only learn the weekly parsha every day, but live with it.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ah, life, the G-dly way.

Tell me you found G‑d in a tidy package—I will tell you that it is not G‑d, that it is a product of a clever mind.
Tell me you found G‑d in the limitless beyond—beyond space, beyond time. That too is not G‑d. That is just a greater mind.
Where the boundless dwells within a bounded space, where darkness shines, silence sings, bitterness is sweet and a moment lives forever, where a man and a woman live in harmony, an adult learns from a child, a warrior spreads kindness, and enmity subsides to make room for friendship and love,
where the body embraces the soul
and the soul the body,
in the union of all opposites—
—there is G‑d; there is the essence of all that is real.

(an underlying theme in the Rebbe’s thought, worded by Tzvi Freeman.)

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Tormented Citron

King Solomon, who was mystified by the meaning of the "four kinds," observed that the citron was a "tormented fruit." It remained on the tree all year round being subjected to all kinds of climactic

But so too in life do we find that the greatest people are those beset by travail and challenge, that the most balanced
personalities are forged by constant need to adapt to new climates and environments.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

My Yom Kippur of 5775

Rather than being oppressive and despairing and overbearingly solemn and serious and frightening, it was confident and pure and white and holy and forgiving and uplifting and connecting and spiritual and joyous.

I'll take that kind of year, thank you!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"....and there is no part of an ox more beautiful than its shoulders.”

From today's Chitas.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Liberating My Sneaky Blessings :)

My oh my I love these two and finally feel ready to "pass em on" as they've strengthened sufficiently in my core for the first phase, B"H. "The first danger has passed." teehee

Sneaky Blessings

Iyar 16, 5774 · May 16, 2014

Due to the limitations of your reality, some of your best friends can only enter incognito.
In fact, the really big ones sometimes sneak through disguised as ugly monsters and vicious enemies. Otherwise, the guards at the gate would never let them in. These are the events optimists call “blessings in disguise.”
Here's how to fire the guards: Expand your mind, expand your world and sincerely rejoice in whatever G-d sends you. Then the blessings will feel free to enter in all their glory.

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Liberate your Blessings
Iyar 18, 5774 · May 18, 2014

How to unmask a blessing in disguise:
Stare it in the face and say, “I know you are not just a lousy day or bad luck. I know you are a good friend—even if for the life of me, I cannot determine how. I know there is only one Source of All Things, and nothing can convince me that evil descends from Above. Evil descends from the constraints of my perception. You are no more than a blessing in disguise.”
This blessing, if truly a great one, will not surrender its cover easily. You will need to hold your ground like a mountain against the sea. You will need a composure that demonstrates you meant every word you said. You need to surprise yourself with your own resolve.
And then you can turn over a world. A world that once distorted every blessing that squeezed through its gates will open wide. And the blessings that have already entered will sigh a breath of relief as one by one they discard their scary costumes.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014


Is a fantastic time to be checking which numbers are available with Golan Telecom.


[Calvin smile up there.]

Monday, September 22, 2014

Jacob and the bust of Stalin (joke)

When Jacob is finally given an exit visa by the Russians and allowed to immigrate to Israel, he can only take what could fit in one suitcase. At Moscow airport a customs official shouts, "Open your case."
The official searches the case and pulls out something wrapped in newspaper. He unwraps a bust of Stalin.
"What is that?" he shouts.

Jacob replies, "Don't ask 'What is that?' - ask 'Who is that?' That is our glorious leader Stalin. I take it to remind me of the wonderful things he did for me and the marvelous life I leave behind." The official sneers. "You Jews are mad. Go. Take the bust with you."
At Ben Gurion airport, a customs officer says, "Shalom. Welcome to Israel. Open your case!" Jacob's case is searched and the bust is found. "What is that?”
"Don't ask 'What is that?' - ask 'Who is that?' That is Stalin. I want to spit on him every day to remind me of all the suffering and misery he caused me."

The official laughs. "You Russians are mad. Go. Take the bust with you."
Jacob arrives at his new home. His nephew watches as he unpacks. Jacob carefully unwraps the bust of Stalin and puts it on the table. "Who is that?" asks his nephew.

Jacob replies, "Don't ask 'Who is that?' - ask 'What is that?'
That is five kilos of gold."

176,000 Israeli Babies Born in the Past Year

The most popular boy's name this year is Yosef, followed by Daniel, Uri, Itai, Omar, Adam, Noam, Ariel, Eitan and David, respectively. For girls, the most popular name was Tamar, followed by Noah, Shirah, Adelle, Talya, Yael, Lian, Miriam, Maya and Avigayil.

All of the "most popular" names remained the same since 5773.

-full article-

Law Requires 3% Disabled in All Large Businesses
Within two years, businesses that employ 100 people or more will be required to hire at least 3% of their workforce from among the disabled population, according to a new measure signed Sunday by Economics Minister Naftali Bennett.
Full Story (Arutz Sheva)

Camp Simcha (video)

Spectacular isn't it, that all this goodness and love and care and miracles and angels and breaking boundaries will exist in the era of Redemption sans the illness and darkness?!

I Saw Joy Run

The little sister with her older brother, running through the rain to get home.
She put his hat in her plastic bag and he carried the box of fresh pizza.
And together they ran through the rain, softly gasping and giggling and calling to one another with 
loving admiration and delighted urgency.
Heads bent, hearts lifted, feet running, solid joy.

I saw Joy run and I hope my mind holds that sight for a long long time. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mind Onboard Amtrak

My train really toots its horn.
It's not boastful, though.
It's humble, safe, necessary.


I'm wearing my kidney shirt.


Friday, September 12, 2014

I Am Blessed

For reasons many and more ---- But now I'll explore ---- how everyone and more ---- bless me to the core --- "It should be everything and more."

It touches me, wonders me and comforts me each and every time.

I am blessed.

In general and in particular, I am blessed.